Mixed-Mode Training

We can offer you a truly integrated and stimulating preparation for ministry:

Excellent teaching and formation at a college where the teachers are part of Oxford University’s world-class Faculty of Theology and Religion

  • The chance to be part of a worshipping community preparing for gospel ministry
  • A compelling missional context in which to put your learning into operation, right from the start
  • A chance to be part of God’s plan in taking the gospel message forward.

When mixed mode students arrive at the Hall, they sit down with the Mixed Mode Course Director and build an Individual Learning Plan.

Our basic curriculum can be found below. You’ll notice that there are lots of places where you can choose to develop your learning with a ministry focus. This might be developing an initiative in your church or exploring an area in which you have a particular interest. The Mixed Mode course is uniquely tailored with integrate learning in mind whilst retaining the formational emphasis and academic rigour which is the heart of our learning at Wycliffe.

We hope you find these pages useful. Please contact us for more information.

Jon Williams, Context Supervisor, 01865 284869

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I don’t have a context, can I still explore Mixed Mode?

No problem! We are putting together a portfolio of training settings to which we can guide you.
Contact us for more details


I’ve got a context: how does it work?

Great! We will contact your incumbent and set up a meeting to settle the working pattern.


Will I just be doing three years of a degree in two days a week?

No. We are designing assignments which work organically with your context so that the work   grows naturally out of what you are doing day to day. We will also talk to your training context about building in a study day a week. All the training contexts we have to offer have agreed to this: they see it as an investment.

If the diocese where you serve your curacy is willing to fund it, you can study for the Diploma over three years, and then take two further years during your curacy to study the final year of the BA part-time.


I've got childcare commitments: can it still work for me?

Yes. We can work with you in this. Contact us to come in and chat over what you need.


Is this just about big churches?

No. We are building training contexts in all sorts of churches with all sizes of congregations.


Will I get a broad enough training?

Yes. Part of the training will include a placement in a different tradition from your training context.


Will I feel part of the Hall community?

Yes. Worshipping together, learning together, sharing time together is what informs our life here. Because you are with us two days a week, you really share in the life of the Hall.


Can I benefit from the Hall being part of the University?

Yes. You will have access to the University of Oxford’s libraries and virtual learning environment. In addition, we have a link with another colleges to play sport or join clubs.


You do missions: can I join in?

Yes, by arrangement with your training incumbent.


Does it have to be a church?

Yes and no. Chaplaincy contexts can be done if you also have a church where you can regularly, at least on Sundays.


I've got a Theology degree. Can I do a Master's?

There are some opportunities to study for Oxford’s MTh in Applied Theology, depending on the timing of work in your context church. Contact us to chat about this further.


What about weekends and summer schools?

Because you are in the Hall two days a week, we don't ask you to do weekends or summer schools.


I've got a context but no accommodation

We can help. Contact us and we'll talk about what you need.

Year 1

Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to the New Testament
Introduction to Christian Doctrine
Introduction to Church History
Foundations for Ministry and Worship in Context
Using the Bible Today

Year 2

Choose 6 from

Old Testament Studies
New Testament Studies
Introduction to Christian Ethics
Topics in Church History
Christian Theology, Ritual and Pastoral Care
Exploring Leadership and Theology for Ministry and Mission
Mission and Apologetics in Contemporary Culture
Developing Ministry and Worship in Context
Reflective Practice in Context (Short)

Year 3

Choose 6 from

Biblical Theology in Context
Further Old Testament Studies
Further New Testament Studies
Philosophical Theology
Christian Doctrine in Focus
Christian Faith and Ethical Living
Church History in Focus
Specialist Themes in Christian Worship
Islam and Christian-Muslim Engagement
Further Reflective Practice in Context (Long)
Independent Learning Project

Full details can be found here: https://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/about/theological-studies

For detailed information about the course structure please contact Jo Wakefield at recruitment@wycliffe.ox.ac.uk 

Ordinands are expected to participate in the life of the worshipping community through participation in daily chapel services and a weekly fellowship group led by a Wycliffe tutor.  In addition to their weekly supervised placements, students serve one 5-week summer placement.  The placement can be at a church or other ministry organisation, and Oxford is well-served with a variety of ministry environments from which to choose - from urban to rural, affluent to socially deprived.  

Integrated study weeks provide ordinands with a chance for in-depth study of key topics such as baptism, communion, Islam, and ethics.  Preaching classes are taken throughout the course with supervised preaching engagements during the first year.

Applicants are expected to have a minimum of 5 GCE passes, of which two should be at ‘A’ level and include GCSE English at grade C or an equivalent qualification.

Accommodation fees can be found on the Wycliffe Hall Accommodation webpage.

In addition, Wycliffe Hall students pay a termly Common Room fee, the amount of which is decided on a yearly basis but usually approximates £50.00.    

Out-of-pocket expenses incurred for travel related to placements and missions will be reimbursed up to a fixed limit.

Ordinands should consult with their sponsoring body regarding arrangements for payment of tuition and other fees.

Church of England Ordinands:  Apply directly to Wycliffe Hall through our online application system.