Revd Greg Downes


The Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement

Church statistician Peter Brierley has said of the western Church that it is “one generation away from extinction”.

Despite rumours of a revival, the church in the west seems in perennial decline and in the face of aggressive secularism has largely lost confidence in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Against this backdrop, Christ has said “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18)


Whilst much has been done to encourage and equip faithful preaching in the church in previous decades there appears to be a discernible deficit in training in evangelism and evangelistic preaching.

Wycliffe Hall is starting The Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement with the express purpose of raising up a new generation of evangelists that can help stem the decline and facilitate church growth. Wycliffe’s Director of Ministerial Training, Greg Downes, a member of the Archbishop’s College of Evangelists is leading the centre, the aim of which will be to work towards the re-evangelisation of the nations by equipping men and women to lead others to Christ and then discern, disciple and deploy others to do the same. Our first event was the School of Evangelism week in December 2018 -