Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS)

The Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) is designed to give students a grounding in Christian ministry and theological study.  It provides an excellent framework for ministerial preparation, being both academic and practical.  This course can be taken either full-time for one year or part-time for two years.  The part-time course requires attendance at Wycliffe Hall one day per week in term time (Mondays), and some integrated study weeks, which is ideal for  anyone furthering theological education for current ministry, like worship leaders or ministry with children and teenagers, or in preparation for future lay ministry.


The Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies at Wycliffe Hall offers:

  • A foundational introduction to the core disciplines of theology, ministry, and apologetics
  • Teaching by core Wycliffe Hall staff and university faculty
  • All the intellectual rigour of the University of Oxford, combined with the pastoral and ministerial insights of Wycliffe tutors
  • Flexible assessment structures
  • An evangelical ethos with the opportunity to participate in formational activities and the life of the worshipping community
  • The option to continue onto the Diploma in Theological Studies or the Bachelor of Theology course

For a general overview of the course, please see the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education’s webpage for Theological Studies. Students who wish to continue their studies may be able, depending on their results in the Certificate, to continue to the Diploma in Theological Studies or to the Bachelor of Theology.   For further information on these pathways, please see the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education’s webpage for Theological Studies.


  The Certificate in Theological Study classes at Wycliffe Hall: 


Introduction to Old Testament

Introduction to New Testament

The History of the Church

Introduction to Christian Doctrine


Optional (choose two):

Christian Faith and Philosphy


Christianity in the Contemporary World (including Mission, Evangelism and Issues in Science and Faith)

Christian Ministry (including Youth Ministry)

  Christian Worship (including Worship Leadership)
  Biblical Greek (no prior knowledge required)
  Biblical Hebrew (no prior knowledge required)


This course is

  • Offered by the University of Oxford
  • Designed and taught by Wycliffe Hall tutors
  • Delivered in lecture and seminar formats
  • Engaging with historic and contemporary issues
  • In-depth academic study with practical ministry application
  • Assessed with a flexible assessment structure.


Students have the option of participating in the many formational activities offered at Wycliffe Hall, including daily chapel services, weekly fellowship group meetings led by a Wycliffe tutor, placements with churches or other ministries, preaching classes, and missions.

  • Please note that we are not permitted to admit school-leavers aged 18 or under.

For further entry requirements, please see the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education’s webpage for Theological Studies.

For tuition fees, please see please see the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education’s webpage for Theological Studies.

Applicants for the CTS once offered a place are eligible to apply for a Needs based scholarship which can be used towards the cost of their fees. In recent years, most applicants for scholarships have been successful. Wycliffe Hall is most grateful for the support of benefactors who make this possible

Please consult with our Student Recruitment and Admissions Officer, Jo Wakefield, for further details at recruitment@wycliffe.ox.ac.uk 

Accommodation fees can be found on the Wycliffe Hall Accommodation webpage.

In addition, Wycliffe Hall students pay a termly Common Room fee, the amount of which is decided on a yearly basis but usually approximates £50.00. 

Students apply directly to Wycliffe Hall through our online application system.

Applications for October  2023 are open. If you have queries please contact Jo Wakefield our student Recruitment and Admissions Officer on either + 44 (0) 1865 274205 or email recruitment@wycliffe.ox.ac.uk. Interviews are in January, March and May.  Then applications will be looked at on a case by case basis.  Applications will close on 31st of July 2023 but overseas students are encouraged to apply by the end of May so there is time for visas etc 

To be considered, applications must be complete and that includes receipt of references.  Applications without one reference or both references cannot be considered. It is in the applicant's interest to check with their referees that they have been submitted.