Theology for All: New Scholarships Available

Wycliffe Hall is delighted to offer the ‘Theology for All’ Fund to enable training for anyone called to any form of Christian witness or ministry, regardless of gender, ethnicity or economic background. Following a generous benefaction, Wycliffe Hall is offering annual scholarships for up to 10 UK residents, who might not ordinarily be able to afford such study, to undertake an in-depth theological and ministerial training course for up to three years at the Hall. We invite our alumni, friends, and church partners to share this news with their congregations and to identify those who would benefit most from this exciting opportunity, enabling emerging leaders from all backgrounds to be trained for Christian ministry and service.
We believe that it is essential for all people called to ministry to have the opportunity to get the best training and reach their full potential, irrespective of social or economic background. Our widening participation work helps remove barriers, and the 'Theology for All' Scholarships awarded will cover the full-tuition costs and provide a maintenance grant of up to £14,750 for full-time students or £7,375 for part-time students, depending on the level of need. Wycliffe Hall is excited to widen access and provide these transformational opportunities for students as we continue our mission to see the nations transformed by the gospel. 
The scholarships can initially help fund a 
Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) from the University of Oxford's Department of Continuing Education, which engages with audiences that the University would not otherwise reach. The CTS course is very accessible and equips students with academic theology, and trains them in mission and ministry. This might include preaching, teaching, leading worship, and taking part in missions. The ‘Theology for All' fund then covers two additional years to enable students to continue the study to get the BTh degree.
How to Apply:
If you are a UK resident and would like to apply for one of the 'Theology for All' Scholarships, you should apply to the CTS by 
clicking here and make an application for the Theology for All Scholarships at the same time. 

If you would like to have an informal chat with us before you apply about the CTS, or any aspect of studying at Wycliffe, please contact