Single/Couple/Family Accommodation

Single accommodation

The college offers accommodation for single/unaccompanied students in 72 individual rooms on the college's Banbury Road site, each room categorised based on size and facilities available in/near the room.  All accommodation is non-smoking.  A programme of upgrades is underway to add private bathrooms to some rooms, with two buildings having been fully refurbished since 2017.


Category Facilities No. of rooms Tenancy lengths available
     1* Large or medium sized room with private bathroom      20 37 or 40 weeks
     2* Small room with private bathroom       3 37 or 40 weeks
     1 Large room with shared bathroom       5 TT, 37 or 40 weeks
     2 Medium room with shared bathroom       7 TT, 37 or 40 weeks
     3 Small room with shared bathroom      37 TT, 37 or 40 weeks


All rooms are fully furnished and contain at least:

  • Single bed and mattress
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Bookshelves

Some rooms also contain a chest of drawers, bedside cabinet and easy chair (varies by size of room).  About half the rooms with shared bathrooms have a washbasin in the room.  When a room does not have its own private bathroom, bathrooms are shared between up to 5 rooms.

Rent includes:

  • Utility bills (gas, electricity, water)
  • Cleaning – a cleaner will communal areas (shared bathrooms, kitchens) daily. We are unfortunately unable to clean bedrooms due to the covid-19 situation but will provide equipment for you to clean it yourself and clean if you move out or go away in the vacations
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Internet connection
  • Contents insurance for your belongings in your room
  • Access to laundry facilities (coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers)

Click here for rent prices for each room type.

Apply here for a room in 2021/22


Single ordinands of the Church of England and those who choose to commute weekly and return home at weekends are guaranteed accommodation in Wycliffe Hall for the duration of their course.  The Church of England maintenance grant covers rent and all meals in term time.  Vacation residence should be agreed with the diocese, although we expect all single ordinands will stay in their room through vacations, for which £125 per week is charged.  All ordinands who intend to be resident through vacations are housed in buildings with good self-catering facilities, as the Hall’s dining room is closed outside term.

Couples/Family Accommodation

Wycliffe Hall owns and manages several properties in Oxford (most within 2 miles of Wycliffe) that are available for couples and families to rent.  These properties range in size from 1 bedroom flats to 5 bedroom houses, and details of those available each year will be provided to eligible students.  Couples/family accommodation is primarily reserved for ordinands, but any properties not occupied by ordinands will be offered to independent students.