Record Number of Serving Wycliffe-trained Bishops

We are pleased to announce the appointment of the Revd Ruth Bushyager as the new Bishop of Horsham as announced by the Prime Minister's office today, 29th April 2020. Ruth is our very own Wycliffe Hall alumna, and Wycliffe staff and students are delighted by this news. Ruth has been Vicar of St Paul's Dorking since 2014, and we pray that she will be used mightily by the Lord in her new role at Chichester Diocese.

I am delighted to hear of Ruth's appointment as Bishop of Horsham. She will bring a huge range of experience to the role, having worked as a chaplain, missioner, vicar - and, before that, in the Cabinet Office. She brings, too, a passion for introducing people to the Love they were made by and for. We shall be praying for her and for Ron and their children as they prepare for this new move. I note that the inventor of the Daleks lived in Horsham, so I hope that the episcopal residence is a first-floor flat! – Revd Dr Michael Lloyd, Principal

This appointment will bring the number of Wycliffe alumni in post as Church of England bishops to a record 21. We are proud that this constitutes almost one-fifth of the entire bench, and more than any other UK training college. With their respective Hall memberships spanning across 30 years, from 1972 to 2003, the 'Wycliffe 21' are a diverse cohort of bishops, and 4 of the 25 female Bishops are Wycliffe alumni who are serving in the church.

Jo Wakefield, Admissions and Recruitment Officer, believes that this appointment is a testament not only to the nature of these godly individuals as followers of the Lord Jesus, but also to the rigorous, high-quality teaching at Wycliffe Hall that they would have received early on in their formation. "In my short time working in the college, I have witnessed the exceptional way in which students are nurtured, transformed, and their ministry developed. With the team of dedicated tutors and chaplains, and the excellent teaching and pastoral guidance that is given, it doesn't surprise me that some of our most outstanding students go on to leading roles within the church. I wish Ruth and her family all of God's richest blessings as they move to their new home and settle into this new ministry. May this auspicious legacy that Ruth is now a part of inspires others and continue to be a positive sign of hope for the renewal of the wider church."

It is a great joy to see this recognition of the considerable gifts that Ruth will bring to episcopal ministry and to notice how many other Wycliffe alumni are now serving in this important way. We are always delighted to hear about the ministry of graduates of the Hall, but recognise the leading role played by our bishops and want to celebrate the part Wycliffe has played in preparing them for this work. May the Lord equip Ruth and all called to such oversight with daily wisdom from above so that the gospel may transform this and every nation. – Revd Dr Justyn Terry, Vice- Principal

Apart from Bishop-designate Ruth, the other 20 (including their years at Wycliffe) are:

1.            Paul Butler (1980-1983) - 96th Bishop of Durham
2.            David Urquhart (1982–1984) - 9th Bishop of Birmingham
3.            Alan Smith (1979–1981) - 10th Bishop of St Alban's
4.            Paul Williams (1990–1992) - 13th Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham
5.            Rachel Treweek (1991–1994) - 41st Bishop of Gloucester
6.            Martyn Snow (1992-1995) - 7th Bishop of Leicester
7.            Philip Mounstephen (1985–1988) - 16th Bishop of Truro
8.            Colin Fletcher (1972–1975) - 7th Bishop of Dorchester
9.            Alan Wilson (1977-1979) - 9th Bishop of Buckingham
10.          Nick McKinnel (1977–1980) - 10th Bishop of Plymouth
11.          Peter Hill (1981–1983) - 11th Bishop of Barking
12.          John Thomson (1982–1985) - 8th Bishop of Selby
13.          Graham Tomlin (1983–1986) - 12th Bishop of Kensington
14.          Jonathan Goodall (1986–1989) - 5th Bishop of Ebbsfleet
15.          David Williams (1986–1989) - 6th Bishop of Basingstoke
16.          Toby Howarth (1987–1990) - 11th Bishop of Bradford
17.          Rod Thomas (1991–1993) - 9th Bishop of Maidstone
18.          Ric Thorpe (1993–1996) - 2nd Bishop of Islington
19.          Sophie Jelley (1995-1997) - 7th Bishop of Doncaster
20.          Jill Duff (2000–2003) – 8th Bishop of Lancaster