Student Applications for October 2020

Wycliffe Hall continues to welcome applications for October 2020 in the normal way. When it comes to interviews, Jo Wakefield, our Recruitment and Admissions Officer, will 'welcome you' by Skype, and the interview will be carried out by video conference. There will also be current students 'on hand' electronically to give you all the insight you need into what training and study is like at Wycliffe.  

Jo says, ‘It is tricky, we know, to get a perfect view of what life is like in our college via digital methods only, without the benefits of experiencing the wonderful Wycliffe community face to face, and enjoying the culinary delights of a Wycliffe lunch. So we'd urge you to chat to current students and staff, visit our social media pages, and pray with others about where you think God is leading you.  We will help in whatever way we can with this important decision and look forward to receiving your enquiries and applications.’

Contact Jo on She looks forward to hearing from you. 

May you know the Lord’s presence and peace with you throughout this time.

All good wishes and every blessing,

Justyn Terry

Vice-Principal and Academic Dean