Wycliffe Hall – 'Open for Business' from September 2020

We are pleased to confirm that Wycliffe Hall is open and ready to welcome students to Oxford for the start of Michaelmas Term 2020.


We will provide the most authentic Wycliffe Hall experience possible. 

The Hall's Tutors will deliver our excellent teaching programmes without any significant changes to the curriculum, all within whatever social distancing and government guidelines are valid at the time.

We can provide nearly all our teaching in-person because of an arrangement with St Andrew's Church (~15 minutes’ walk away). 

Large lectures will take place at St Andrew's Church. 

Smaller lectures, tutorials, and seminars will be at Wycliffe Hall. 

At their discretion, Tutors may choose to hold classes or seminars online and can be live-streamed or recorded. 


For students living in accommodation at Wycliffe Hall, the site is divided into households. Students will not need to socially-distance or wear a face mask within your household, but they will need to do so anywhere outside your household. Each household has a kitchen and social space(s). 

The library will be open to borrowing books and as a study space. Study desks are allocated to those who are eligible. Additional study desks will be available to any other member of the Hall for occasional, daily use. 


For more specific details including Chapel Services, Catering and Staff provision, please see the Principal's letter to all Students

We endeavour to provide the full Wycliffe experience at the University of Oxford, starting with Welcome Week from 4th October.  


All of us at Wycliffe Hall look forward to welcoming you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions:
Applications, contact Jo on 
Accommodation or the potential for international quarantine arrangements contact Robyn on 
General Enquiries, on 

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