Alumni Reunion for 1990-94 Leavers

The reunion for 1990-1994 leavers in September was a tremendous success, with 50 alumni, spouses and former staff members all in attendance.

Guests were invited to arrive for tea and cake, served in the afternoon, and a chance to look through our archive table of goodies and memorabilia from the 1990's. Michael Lloyd spoke on the Vision and Values for Wycliffe, and for many of our guests who had not been back to the Hall in the 30 years since they had left, this was an opportunity to hear about the academic values of Wycliffe today. 

A Chapel service followed Michael's talk, which was led by our Vice-Principal Justyn Terry. A Wycliffe student, Laura Colllingridge preached, and Oriel College's Organ Scholar Harry Baigent, played Wycliffe's organ to perfection.

Dinner was served in the Dining Hall after Chapel, and the Wycliffe catering team dispersed any memories of boiled cabbage from the 1990's with a delicious array of hot buffet food, enabling everyone to pick and choose whatever they fancied.


Guests kindly wrote in to us afterwards to share their happy memories of the event:

"I can’t tell you what a blessing the whole experience was for me - I felt really affirmed for the first time in ages."

"It was wonderful! I came with some trepidation, but left rejoicing at having seen some old friends and been reminded of a really good time in life and ministry.

I wish Wycliffe every blessing as it moves into the future."