General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Code of Practice

Wycliffe Hall is signed up to the Universities UK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Accommodation which aims to ensure that students are provided with good quality accommodation.  You can find out more at

Frequently Asked Questions

Can guests stay with me?
Guests may stay in your room for a short time with the agreement of the Accommodation Manager.  


Can I move out early/sublet my room?
You may give four weeks’ notice that you wish to move out of your room, but will need to pay the full rent due for the year.  Subletting is not permitted.


Do I have to move out of my room during vacations/can I leave my belongings there?
If you have chosen a term-time only tenancy, you will need to move out of your room, and take all your belongings with you, in each vacation.  If you have chosen a 37 or 40 week tenancy, the room is yours from the start of the tenancy at the beginning of Michaelmas term through the Christmas and Easter vacations to the end of the tenancy 37/40 weeks later at the end of Trinity term.


Can I stay in my room for the summer vacation?
Some rooms are available during the summer vacation, and details of how to apply for one will be emailed to you in Trinity term.


Can I live in Hall as a returning student?
Yes, returning students are encouraged to live in college accommodation.  Single ordinands are guaranteed a room in Wycliffe for the duration of their course.  Rooms are not guaranteed for independent students, but in recent years, all returning students have been accommodated in the Hall.


When can I apply for accommodation?
A room is reserved for single ordinands of the Church of England when an offer to study at Wycliffe Hall is accepted.  New independent students will receive details of accommodation and an application form once an offer to study at Wycliffe Hall has been accepted.  A deadline for return of the form will be on the form, and anyone applying by this time is expected to be offered a room.  Returning students will receive an email in Hilary term with details of how to request accommodation for the following year.


Can I arrive before the tenancy period begins?
We may be able to offer accommodation before the start of the tenancy.  If you wish to arrive early, you should contact the Accommodation Manager as soon as possible so we can advise if your room will be available.  If it is, you will be invoiced in Michaelmas term on a daily rate for the additional days.


When is my rent due?
Rent is invoiced at the start of each term for that term and the following vacation (where applicable) and due within 2 weeks.  Rent for the summer vacation is charged at the start of the summer vacation.


Is the accommodation single-sex?
We cannot guarantee single-sex accommodation, although try where possible, as this is always dependent on who wants to live in each type of room each year.


Is bedding provided?
A mattress protector, pillow and duvet are provided in all rooms.  The college lends two sets of bed linen and towels to students coming from overseas.


What is my address?
You should use the main college address for all mail, even if you are living in another building.  

Wycliffe Hall
54 Banbury Road


Can I park my car?
Yes, parking is available on site for residents.


Is there anywhere to keep a bicycle?
A locked bike shed is available on site.


How are rooms allocated?
Rooms in preferred categories and tenancy lengths are allocated to students on a first-come, first-served basis.  Any student with a disability necessitating particular facilities will be given priority for rooms meeting those needs.


Can I bring my pet with me?
No pets are allowed in accommodation in Wycliffe Hall, and students living in couples/family accommodation will need to check the rules for their particular property (normally pets are not permitted).


I have another question.  Who should I contact?

Please contact the Accommodation Manager on with any other questions.