Dr Max Baker-Hytch

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Christian Faith and Philosophy (A7, OUDCE)

  • Philosophical Theology (D7, OUDCE)

  • Philosophy of Religion (FHS 107)

  • Advanced Philosophical Theology (MA Theology, Ministry, and Mission)


Recent Research Articles and Chapters

1. “Testimony amidst Diversity”, In Knowledge, Belief, and God: New Insights in Religious Epistemology, edited by Matthew Benton, John Hawthorne, and Dani Rabinowitz.183-202. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.

2. “Complexly-Based Beliefs and the Generality Problem for Reliabilism”. Quaestiones Disputatae 8:2 (2018), 19–35.

3. “Epistemic Externalism in the Philosophy of Religion”. Philosophy Compass 12:4 (2017)

4. “Mutual Epistemic Dependence and the Demographic Divine Hiddenness Problem”. Religious Studies, 52:1 (2016), 375–394.

5. “Analytic Theology and Analytic Philosophy of Religion: What’s the Difference ?”. Journal of Analytic Theology 4 (2016), 347–361.

6. “Defeatism Defeated” (co-authored with Matthew Benton). Philosophical Perspectives 29:1 (2015), 40–66.

7. “Religious Diversity and Epistemic Luck”. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 76 (2014), 171–191.

8. “Can Atheists Display Religiously Significant Attitudes?”, In Atheisms, edited by Victoria Harrison and Harriet Harris. Ashgate, fortthcoming. 

Further Links

For a full list of Dr Baker-Hytch’s publications, including article and other brief pieces, please see his CV, which is listed on his Academia.edu page. 

Downloadable versions of several of Max's published papers are available at PhilPapers