Revd Dr Justyn Terry ​​​​​

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Christian Doctrine (sources of theology; the doctrine of atonement).

  • Issues in Christian Doctrine (engaging Martin Luther, John Calvin and Karl Barth)

  • Anglican Theology (Anglican theologians; Anglican sacramental theology)

  • Aspects of Christian Leadership.


Select Books

  • 2021. The Five Phases of Leadership: An Overview for Christian Leaders, Revised and Expanded edition, Carlisle: Langham Publishing.

  • 2016. The Five Phases of Leadership: An overview for Christian leaders. Ambridge, PA: Whitchurch Publishing
  • 2013. The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to the Anglican Communion. Oxford: Wiley- Blackwell, Justyn was co-editor with Ian Markham, Barney Hawkins and Leslie Steffenson, and wrote chapters on ‘Theology in the Anglican Communion’ and ‘The Province of South East Asia’ for it.
  • 2013. The Gospel according to Galatians: The Good News of Jesus Christ for a Secular Age. Blue Bell, PA: Classical Anglican Press
  • 2007. The Justifying Judgement of God: a Reassessment of the place of Judgement in the Saving Work of Christ. Paternoster Theological Monograph, Paternoster Press. This is based on his PhD thesis.


  • 2010. ‘Colin Gunton’s Doctrine of Atonement: Transcending rationalism by Metaphor’ in: The Theology of Colin Gunton. Ed. Lincoln Harvey, New York and London: T & T Clark/Continuum

  • 1996. A sermon entitled, ‘Where to Worship God,’ was included in The Times Best Sermons of 1996, London: Cassell


  • 2013. ‘The forgiveness of sins and the work of Christ: A case for substitutionary atonement’ Anglican Theological Review. Vol. 95, No. 1, Winter 2013, 9-24.

  • 2010. ‘Leaning on the everlasting arms: a case for Christian assurance’ Trinity Journal for Theology and Ministry. Vol. IV, No. 1, Spring 2010, 99-111.

  • 2008. ‘The Resurrection and the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ,’ Trinity Journal for Theology and Ministry. Vol. II, No. 2, Fall 2008, 95-109. 

  • 2008. ‘The Two Rival “Gospels” behind the current crisis in Anglicanism,’ Trinity Journal for Theology and Ministry. Vol. II, No. 1, Spring 2008, 96-106.

  • 2007. ‘Keeping the Church Theologically Rigorous’ Trinity Journal for Theology and Ministry. Vol. I, Fall 2007, 16-22. 

  • 2005. ‘The Justifying Judgement of God,’ Anvil. Vol. 22, No. 1, 2005, 29-39.